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If you’ve been charged with Assault, Aggravated Assault, Domestic Assault, or any other possible violent crime, I can help you protect yourself.


The legal system can be difficult to navigate. If you have a loved one awaiting charges from a prison cell, call me today for assistance.


Canada’s drug laws have changed. Marijuana legalization came with stricter enforcement. I know the new laws and will help you defend your future.


Have you been charged with Impaired Driving, Over 80, or Dangerous Driving? I can defend you from any Highway Traffic Act charge.


Being found guilty of fraud offences can be ruinous to your professional reputation and to your livelihood. Call me today so I can protect you!


I want to help you put these mistakes behind you, so that they won’t harm your future. I can defend you and your rights.

About Will Murray

The criminal justice system is intimidating and its consequences can be harsh. The police, the Crown Attorney’s Office, and usually a witness or two are working against you, but they don’t have all the answers. My job is to fight for you. This means pursuing your agenda, figuring out the best plan going forward, and pushing your interests vigorously at every stage.

We look at the law differently

client reviews

My son has been represented by Will Murray and we have been nothing but satisfied with the outcome. Will is very efficient and eliminates much of the stress that the judicial system can place on an offender. I am relieved knowing that Will is my son's attorney and feel relieved that the matter was resolved with minimal repercussions.
Val Forbes
I would recommend Will Murray Law Office for all your criminal legal matters needs. Although he did not personally help me, he did represent a family member and I witnessed him help every single step of the way.
Jessica Levesque

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Call us at (613) 695-3005 or fill out the form.

From minor cases to the most serious, he consistently provides excellent service. His role is to work with the client to achieve the best possible result in any given context, and this is exactly what he delivers. You want him fighting for you.

Will Murray also provides a referral service for those he cannot help personally. This means helping you find the right lawyer with relevant expertise to serve your particular needs, without any obligation whatsoever: helping people find solutions by saving them time and money.

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